Red Patty Burger: Serves 1

Ingredients for patty:

i) 1 whole boiled beetroot
ii) 1 small bowl cube cut capsicum
iii) 1 small bowl pressure cooked chickpea
iv) 1 small bowl boiled peas
v) Some cabbage to scrape
vi) 2 lettuce leaves
vii) 2 garlic cloves
viii) 1 TBSP Ginger garlic (G-G) Paste
ix) Salt and pepper as per taste
x) Pinch of mango powder
xi) Pinch sugar
xii) Multi seed burger buns


i) Pressure cook 1 bowl chickpea with 4-6 whistles in your pressure cooker, mash and set aside.
ii) Boil capsicum, green peas and some corn separately and set aside
iii) Scrape garlic and beetroot and set aside
iv) Mix all the ingredients with mashed chickpea and roll out to make small burger patties.
v) Shallow fry these patties with minimum oil and garnish it with scraped cabbage.
vi) Put 2 lettuce leaves in your burger buns and place your cooked patty for a wonderful snack or dinner time.

Get going with a nutritious snack and show off your cooking skills at its best.