Wondering what to eat healthy in office daily?

Are you battling with cravings for comfort foods while working in your office cubicle daily? Are you cranky with hunger cramps and end up picking up all the wrong kind of foods lying around? If yes, end this battle with a list of foods coming from Neutriful that will help you fill your stomach with right choices.

Snack on protein foods:

Foods like toasted low fat paneer or tofu can be had while working your head into office files. This will help you stay satiated for a longer period of time without having to worry about too many calories or fats.

Healthy alternative: Simply carry toasted or raw panner, sprinkle little salt & pepper, add a dice of fresh fruits like pineapple and you are good to go!

Dry snacks that are healthy for real:
There are many dry snacks available in the market. Most of them are high in saturated fats, salt & sugar. You may find some snacks that only claim to be healthy but are a bunch of harmful additives masked in the name of health.

Healthy alternative: Nutrition bars rich in super foods easily available at Neutriful. These are rich in protein and fiber, handy, filling and most importantly very cost effective. So just order your munch bars at Neutriful now!

Pick a healthy beverage over caffeine:
Most often you will resort to a sugar loaded cup of coffee, tea or a fruit juice to fill your hunger pangs. High doses of caffeine and sugar are brain stimulants and chronic use of caffeine rich foods can be really harmful in the long run. Grab a hot soup on a winter day or healthy smoothie on a summer day over sugar loaded beverages.

Healthy alternative: A range of traditional Neutriful products like Malt Milk Blends and Malt Porridge Mixes that can be added to milk to have a nutritious milkshake or porridge respectively. These products have no added sugar, color & preservatives and are loaded with protein and micronutrients.

Fruits over fruits juices:
Many fruit lovers may find it convenient to have fruits at snack time and satiate their hunger. Yes this is a wonderful option at snack-time provided they are consumed with their wholesome fiber and not in the form of ready to drink fruit juices. Make sure you have them made fresh with all their fiber added to it to enjoy complete health benefits of a fruit.

Healthy alternative: Enrich your fresh fruits with cut pieces of sliced vegetables, nuts, broccoli or paneer and toss them into a raw easy salad and simply enjoy!

Avoid Quick and Handy foods:
With chocolates and sweets that are very handy and comforting during office hours, health can go for a toss. Avoid being tempted by such foods lying around your table and you may save yourself from an unhealthy temptation.

Healthy alternative: Stock your office drawers with home-made healthy desserts like date rolls with nuts and seeds, healthy yet crunchy roasted cereal puffs like ragi, jowar, quinoa and buckwheat puffs easily available in the market.

Have healthy meal time:
While you may not have an option of home food at lunch daily, you can pick healthy in office canteens too! Select meals that have a source of protein, complex carbohydrates and a portion of vegetable. Avoid sugar loaded desserts that can consume your energy in no time.

Healthy alternative: Try healthy salads for lunch hours with wholesome ingredients like wholegrain pasta/rice or rotis with sautéed vegetables and curries to keep you away from fried puris or oily vegetable preparations.

Follow these and beware of fatty snacks and you are good to go with a healthy life even during heavy work hours. Why fear when Neutriful is here to keep a tab on your health!